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General characteristics

Pattaya is 147 kilometers southeast of Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand. It is very easy and comfortably accessible by the new highway. The airport is approximately 1.5 hours. It is one of the most popular beach resorts and Asia synonym for relaxing and unforgettable holidays. Amusement parks, museums and lush botanical gardens and numerous tourist attractions offers many forms of entertainment and cultural activities regardless of age.


After dark Pattaya is overflowing with temptations and glamor with incredible nightlife of restaurants, nightclubs, bars, discos, go-go bars and cabarets. Pattaya can be brash, sassy, beautiful, roughly lascivious, gentle or challenging as you want one. Anyway, offers everything you can expect from the international beach resort.


Fifty years ago Pattaya was a quiet little fishing village, vainly competing with its rivals - Na Klua the north and the south of Rayong. A single record in the history says that his troops stopped to rest King Narai the attack on Burma in the 17th century. Hence the name probably derives roots Pattaya (pronounced "pathajá") in Thai 'Thap Phaya "means something like" royal army ". Another theory is talking about that is derived from the word "phat thaya," which means "South Wind". The modern history of the town begins June 29, 1959, when I arrived a few trucks with soldiers from a U.S. base in Nakhon Ratchasima. They rented a house belonging to Phraya Sunthorn, which stood at the southern end of Pattaya Beach, the site of which is now called "Strip". They spent about a week and thrilled by the beauty of the local crystal waters returned to base, where the news of this picturesque place spread quickly, so I started coming more Marines. The current was strong for the Vietnam War, Thailand because of fear of infection communism gave generously of their territory as a base of the United States. The decisive factor seems to become building U Tapao airport south of Pattaya, where he was bombardovám Vietnam and where the large American base.

Hectic present

After the Vietnam War ended and he was strong stream of tourists from all over the world and uncontrolled expansion of all kinds of related services. This boom is hardly comparable to anything else in the world. Administrative emergence of the city dates back to 1978, when there was a connection with the Klua and began an effort to control sprawl has absolutely agglomeration. Negative impact (strong environmental contamination) was stopped at the end of the 20th century, thanks to strict measures Pattaya City Hall began to breathe again and thanks to continuous investments and unceasing influx of money from tourism constantly beautification. Although the city to avoid hunting backpackers, but here comes a third of all tourists who visit Thailand (5 out of 15 million!). They are not even that the city looks modern Babylon, reputation or synonyms marketable sex. It attracts a very stable weather year-round, the quality and availability of accommodation, number of attractions and atmosphere of Las Vegas of Asia.

Golfers paradise

Around town and in the neighboring province of Rayong is available at least 15 golf courses mostly at a high international level. Excellent service and attractive tropical environment here annually attract endless crowds of fans of this sport from all over the world.


Gone are the days when they were fifty years ago, the first American soldiers enchanted by the sparkling waters of Pattaya Bay. Sea conditions are indebted to the gigantic number of tourists rolling here from all over the world. At the end of the last century followed up the entire municipality odkanalizaci city and state beaches are immensely improved. Unfortunately, the sea is still affected by industrial agglomeration Si Racha in the north and so you have to put up with that which is. The biggest influence on the quality of the current weather conditions (wind and ocean currents), and alternate the days when the cyan and memorable, and days when it is cloudy and enter into it only the biggest otrlci. It is most pronounced in the central Gulf (Pattaya Beach), beaches in the other two bays are consistently enjoyable.

The city is bordered by three beaches separated by rocky headlands, each has a slightly different character and atmosphere. Outside the comfortable beach services primarily offers an excellent opportunity for diverse water sports.

Pattaya beach

This 4 km long beach is the heart of Pattaya. It stretches from north to south, the north separated by a rocky headland with Dusit and south ends long pier and port behind other complex headland with Royal Clif. The bay anchored a fleet of speedboats that provide tours to some of the surrounding islands. The beach is now lined the entire length of the new pedestrian zone and re-planted avenues of trees. Just behind them, the road leads to an endless stream of pickapů (Thai "songtheo") to act as the public transport. Over the road is already in a colorful belt turns hotels, little hotels, restaurants, shops, bars and night clubs. Calmly on the north and south, the concentration increases and is topped with pedestrian (only in the evening and at night) on behalf of Walking Street. Here is the picturesque Promenade every evening meets throughout the world.

Jomtien beach

This 6 km long beach has undergone in recent years, a great change. It used to be very quiet, clean and pleasant beach, which was on the weekends likes searched for Thais. Magistrate's made ​​major investments, full length built pedestrian zone and re-planted avenue trees.


In a short time I also invaded the tourism industry and hotels were built and essentially the same infrastructure as in central Pattaya. Pattaya Beach begins under the tower with a water park and stretches to the south, where the Thais here calmly and with great fond of visiting a number of renowned seafood restaurants.

The whole beach is a popular place for surfers and water sports enthusiasts - of course, water scooters, parachute flights etc.

Naklua beach (Wong Amat beach)

This about 1 km long beach is located on the northern side of Pattaya Bay. As the only preserved its original peace and non-appearance. During the search you will most famous landmark in the city - a roundabout with a statue of dancing dolphins (Thai "plans Loma"). From him just north and just one of a number of branches to the left.


The beach is perhaps the purest and steadily from the bustle of the city separated by a large band of good hotels. If you go to the beach on foot to the north, walk up the rocky promontory on which stands a demonic Sanctuary of Truth (inside but you have to detour by road) and the fishing port on the Klua, who despite everything still retains its original form and tradition. But probably not for long, because even in the vicinity of growing new hotels.

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